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    Business owners apply a wide range of tactics to expand their firms and control a significant market share. For most of them, their efforts prove futile since they get overwhelmed by stiff competition from established companies and multinational corporations. Such firms have sufficient resources to reach more customers and suppress startups, creating an imbalance in the business ecosystem. If you need more information to help you grow your firm, you don’t need to look elsewhere; this website contains business secrets that Herman Kariuki has been applying to enter new markets and maximize returns successfully.

    Herman is one of the few business moguls that willingly share sensitive business facts with business owners, including those that have the potential to make strategic moves and pose a competitive threat to his company. He believes that competition should not be an issue to an established company unless its decision-makers fail to take the right actions to maintain their customer base. As an occupational therapist, Herman believes that helping startups and other managers solve their challenges is morally upright because it helps their businesses grow, creating jobs and increase trade. He is ready to help managers identify more opportunities because he values the contribution of their firms in solving various social problems such as unemployment which is akin to poverty. Herman, through his website, covers various aspects that you might consider to grow your business.

    Improve customer service

    Communication channels help businesses share information about their product or service. However, many customers tend to inquire for more details to ensure that their purchase or subscription is worth their money. Herman Kariuki highlights those businesses need to have good support teams to respond to clients’ inquiries within the shortest time possible. If your company has an online presence, you need to have a Q&A page on your site that has a list of common problems and their solutions. It would be best to have enough staff to minimize long queues since it might lead to frustrations. Efficient customer service maximizes customer satisfaction which directly complements the quality of your product. As a result, positive reviews attract more clients, triggers referrals, and drive sales.

    Maximize internet marketing

    Internet marketing comprises a wide array of tools, but the key one is social media because it allows you to interact with many people at once. Herman Kariuki suggests that you should always use social media to listen to your customers and interact with them through chats, comments, and other features at your disposal. Social media marketing allows you to reach specific groups with targeted ads or posts that create product awareness and help build your brand name. You might also use blogs and email lists to notify customers of new products and promotions, stimulating repeat clients to purchase more from your business.

    Pay attention to corporate social responsibility.

    There are several challenges the planet is facing due to industrialization and globalization. Over the last decade, Herman has observed that more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and a brand’s perspective towards nature directly affects its sales. If there is something you want to change, make it part of your corporate mission since it helps in improving your brand image. Using green energy sources, for instance, might make environmental groups patronize your products and recommend the public to buy from your store. Such a unique brand perspective emotionally connects customers to your business, and you can explore new markets with ease.

    Help your employees develop professionally.

    Many firms do not have policies that help workers improve their skills or advance academically. However, building an effective workforce begins by giving employees benefits that create a sense of purpose. Herman Kariuki notes that a business can develop a team of quality employees by organizing seminars to train them on using new technology or crucial corporate software. Imparting them with such knowledge keeps them happy and productive and helps the firm to achieve its goals.

    Attend networking events

    Various events bring together multiple professionals or executives to network and discuss their affairs. As a leader, you should consider joining such events because they can help you build relationships with other executives. Additionally, they act as platforms for exchanging ideas and connecting with experts who can assist you develop your brand. Attending such events might be vital because you might find customers, experienced employees, or investors willing to put their money into your business.


                In summary, Herman, through his site, explains various tactics you might employ to boost your business. Managers should use a variety of approaches to identify those that work because they need to refine the tricks and deliver satisfactory results. Although each technique needs time to give positive results, leaders should be patient as they maneuver through various obstacles because, in the end, their businesses will improve.

    Herman Kariuki
    Herman Kariuki
    Herman Kariuki is a digital marketer and proprietor at MyBusinessweekly and Khermani, covering Legal, Business, and Entrepreneurship Topics. Herman Kariuki is a Serial Entrepreneur who has worked in multiple fields in Writing, Legal, Media $ Content Advisor. He also serves as a PR specialist and business consultant who excels in the art of leveraging press for a brand with social media campaigns & digital marketing strategies like the Electronic Press Kits. Herman is an avid traveler and an enthusiastic designer who puts your thoughts into art.

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