How to Transform Your Startup Business into a Brand

    The idea of transforming a startup into a brand can be daunting. It will leave you thinking hard about converting regular customers to loyal clients who will always choose you over competitors.

    If you are in such a situation right now, the mission is not as complex as it sounds. You need to exceed customer expectations consistently. In no time, you will get loyal customers who love value and angel investors who like brilliant investment ideas. 

    To help you exceed customer expectations, the following are ideas to walk you through the process.

    5 Ideas to Help Transform a Startup into a Strong Brand

    1.    Use customers’ opinions to offer better products

    Understanding customers is the centre point of developing a solid brand. This phase will help you familiarize yourself with clients’ needs, expectations, purchase patterns, income levels, and other information required to offer products that solve pain points.

    So, how do you know the customers you serve? It is easy. You can use the data on your disposition to make a detailed buyer persona. Describe the customers you serve, their age, income, interests, and other information that would help you offer likeable products or services.

    Alternatively, you can conduct a survey to collect the information you want. Request customers to disclose what they like about your products, and the areas they would love to see an improvement. Use the responses to fine-tune your products or services.

    2.    Create unique visual markers to enhance brand identity

    Big brands like Apple, Amazon, Google, Mercedes, Shell, Volkswagen, and McDonald’s have one thing in common—a unique visual marker that identifies them instantly. So, if you want your startup’s brand identity to match that of more prominent brands, get a visual marker that identifies you.

    The marker can be a unique logo, typography, color scheme, photography, and other design elements that could identify your start-up uniquely. Simple as they might appear, the visual markers will grab your customers’ attention every time they spot your products.  

    The visual markers will also make your brand look bigger and stronger than competitors who are yet to make one. You’d want to impose the visible markers on your startup’s products, business cards, website, social media, invoices, and promotional merchandise. 

    That way, the visuals will develop an everlasting imprint in your customer’s mind. 

    3.    Establish a solid relationship with customers

    Healthy customer relations are super important when building a brand. It helps consumers create a solid emotional connection with your company and its products. In fact, the relationship is what creates a difference between an ordinary company and a brand. 

    To establish lifelong relationships, give your customers the best service. Understand their needs, address their concerns on time, appreciate their feedback, and simplify customer processes.  

    Apart from excellent customer service, you’ll need to offer goods and services that resonate with customer challenges, give discounts, and appreciate their loyalty. Basically, there are endless ways to establish strong customer relationships. 

    4.    Find a unique selling proposition

    All brands have a unique selling proposition. For instance, Amazon, the world’s leading online store, is well known for selling anything, anywhere, anytime. That’s why the store ranks above eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, and other stores that serve specific regions. 

    As you plan to transform your startup into a brand, find a unique selling proposition to differentiate you from competitors. An excellent selling proposition should be something that your customers love and value. 

    It could be quick shipping, selling original-quality products, or giving instant customer support. The proposition would depend on the type of business and the services offered by competitors. Just make sure the proposition is valuable and unique. 

    To settle on a reasonable value proposition, analyze the competition and find a gap yet to be filled. Then, offer a solution to the gap. With a creative solution, customers will have a reason to stick to your brand forever. 

    5.    Remain consistent to get lasting results

    Transforming your business to a brand is a lifelong journey. The mission will not end after developing a good product and establishing solid connections with customers. Instead, you will have to keep providing value for as long as your business exists.

    You’d want to develop a sound growth plan to guide you through your entire lifetime. Set your mission and outline strategies to help you attain the brand’s goals. That way, you will never lose your brand value.

    Alongside the growth plan, maintain a solid online presence to hang out and connect with customers. You’d also want to monitor the competition and the ever-changing customer needs. Use the data to improve your products and services. 

    The Bottom Line

    Transforming a startup to a brand is not as difficult as it might sound. The process starts with understanding the customers you serve. Know the income, shopping patterns, age, and spending patterns. The information will help you make products that customers love. Afterwards, create professional visual markers for identification, nurture strong relationships, and get a unique selling proposition to enhance loyalty. 

    Keep everything consistent to maintain a good brand identity. With consistency, your brand will get several loyal customers, good angel investors, and everything that comes along with branding. 

    Herman Kariuki
    Herman Kariuki
    Herman Kariuki is a digital marketer and proprietor at MyBusinessweekly and Khermani, covering Legal, Business, and Entrepreneurship Topics. Herman Kariuki is a Serial Entrepreneur who has worked in multiple fields in Writing, Legal, Media $ Content Advisor. He also serves as a PR specialist and business consultant who excels in the art of leveraging press for a brand with social media campaigns & digital marketing strategies like the Electronic Press Kits. Herman is an avid traveler and an enthusiastic designer who puts your thoughts into art.

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