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If You Feel Broken Inside, Remember This

Feeling broken inside

Life is never smooth. Sometimes you will make great wins which will leave you contented, satisfied, and living positively. On other times, life will mount negative pressure on you, making you feel broken inside.

You will face betrayal, responsibilities will overwhelm you, and financial difficulties will frustrate. When you encounter such lows, do not let hopelessness, anxiety, and desperation take over.

Instead, hold onto the following ideas, and we bet, you will sail through the predicaments positively.

Secrets to Keep in Mind When Feeling Broken Inside

1.    Tough times shall pass

Hardship and struggle are part of life. Friends will betray you, bosses will undermine you, and you’ll feel stagnated no matter how hard you work. But, the good news is that no challenging situations last forever.

You need to be resilient and optimistic enough to avoid depression, resentment, anger, self-harm, frustration, and any other bad energy that could harm you or destroy your relationship with people in your close circle.

2.    Hardship makes you stronger

Yes, you heard that right. Dark times will always make you stronger. Questioning how? The harrowing experiences will prompt your brain to up its problem-solving stamina, creativity, stress management, and other life skills.

As a result, the dark moments will leave you tough, optimistic, and resilient. That’s why the best counselors, authors, players, singers, life coaches, people in business, politicians, and other public personalities are those who battled brokenness successfully.

For instance, Stephen King, a celebrated author, got a breakthrough after facing rejection from 30 publishers. He abandoned his first novel and almost quit his writing career. Luckily, his wife encouraged him to complete it, a move that made him a successful novelist.

Great people like Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Charles Darwin faced severe hardship before succeeding. They succeeded because they never let brokenness break them down.

3   You are in charge of how you feel

When broken inside, you will have two ways to react. You can choose to enter into panic mode and experience negative emotions like pessimism, anger, self-doubt, depression, worry, and desperation. The negative energy will break you more.

On the other hand, you can decide to remain optimistic and sail through dark moments comfortably. On that account, when trouble strikes, don’t enter into panic mode. Instead, keep an open mind and think of good outcomes instead of negative ones.

For instance, if you just broke up with someone you loved, do not waste your mental muscle thinking about how lonely you will be. Instead, take it as a learning opportunity, and work on your personality. Someone better will come your way.

4.    There is a solution to every dark moment

Believe it or not, job loss, betrayal, stagnation, failure, rejection, and other forms of pain have a way out. So, when trouble comes, focus on finding a way out. Do not waste time thinking about how your life and future have shut down.

Though there is a solution, do not rush into fixing things immediately. Instead, make realistic steps, and appreciate every stride you make. You’d want to avoid self-criticism, negativity, and self-blame when working on a solution to your problem.

5.    Seeking help can create a difference

While you can sort out many struggles independently, some situations can overwhelm you completely. In such scenarios, you will need someone sober to walk you through the hardship. Secrecy will break you more.

The person could be your close friend or relative. If you lack someone in your immediate circle, get a professional. The third parties outside your situation will help you find a sober solution to fix the problems making you feel broken inside.

6.    Talking out helps

The simple act of talking out can help you get up when broken inside. How? Experts claim that talking relieves the tension and stress from painful events like grieving a dead person, nursing a betrayal, or losing a job.

The trick will work even if the person you are talking to does not provide an immediate solution. So, when you feel low, find a friend, family, or colleague who can listen to your issues without judging and pour out your frustrations.

7.    Letting go works

When feeling broken inside, something is undoubtedly draining your mental and emotional energy. It could be a bad relationship, a stressful job, or a commitment that makes you miserable.

For that reason, it would matter to identify the problem and drop it for the sake of your mental well-being. Letting go will bring the peace of mind needed to focus on essential things that would generate happiness alongside contributing to your success.

Go Ahead and Fix Your Issues

You cannot live a life without betrayal, loss, and pain. However, you have the power to control your feelings. If you wish to avoid the sense of brokenness, accept that tough times will come to pass, and there is a solution to every problem. If you cannot get over your issues independently, get a friend, relative, or expert to help you find a solution. With positivity, the challenging situations will leave you stronger.

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