Painful Strength & overcoming the barriers

    One thing I realized is that everything always ends up working out. Sometimes even better than you can imagine. Remember this when you feel like you are in a hard place or you feel like you are being challenged the most. Believe in where you are headed. What you feeling is real. The pain, the agony, the sadness ain’t going away anytime soon. The feeling of loneliness will take the center stage of your daily life. But one thing for sure, all this prepares you for a better tomorrow. I may not be aware of what made you feel this way but I know for sure that your tomorrow will be shaped by your resilience to the pain you are enduring today.

    When I lost my dad, I saw the world spinning the opposite direction. There was nothing to live for, nothing to hope for, no one to replace his position in my life. I found myself fighting a fight of no victory, a fight of resurrection. This was beyond me. Reality was so painful that common sense became so expensive. All the torments, pain that I went through made me realize how much I needed those around me. On my left I saw my mum trying to be strong for her children and grandchildren, on my right my brothers were trying to amend where my dad had left a gap, before me were my sisters trying to stand strong for mum, behind me were the workers, relatives, the church, all on their knees making sanctification before the FATHER for strength, peace and comfort of the remaining family members. This not only did it give me strength but it also showed me how much more I would lose if I wasn’t going to be strong for all this people around me.

    Whatever it is that is hurting, paining, I will not promise you that it will be okay today, tomorrow or maybe ever. It will never be okay but all you need is a different perspective as to the reason why what happened did happen. We all need that closure, the summary of what really led to the event. This will lay a platform for the next journey of life that you will decide or choose for yourself.

    As our fore fathers would say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. As old as it is, its meaning is like pure wine. One closing eyes without assurance of waking up but still budgets for tomorrow is faith. Its strength is like that of a mustard seed. Gather it, saw it, focus on your healing for it comes slowly. Your trials are but a course under training. Your breakthrough will be determined by your resilience, your strength. Master it.

    We all want that relative, lover, job, friend we loved so much to come back to us but let that not decide for us the outcome of our tomorrow.

    If you are reading this, I am proud of you; of how strong you have endured the pain. I hope you are learning to give yourself the credit you deserve. I hope you are beginning to recognize just how strong you are pulling yourself through each and every difficult time in your life. I hope you allow this realization to walk with you, alongside any obstacles or roadblocks you might encounter along your journey. I hope you will look in the mirror one day and say ‘I am proud of you’ and mean it. 

    All was, is, shall be well before and after. You ain’t alone.

    Fredrick Amisi
    Fredrick Amisi
    Fredrick Amisi Mugami is a front office personnel at a high-end hotel in Kenya. I am passionate about giving exemplary customer service experience. I hold a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I have passion in guiding & counseling,as well as an avid writer. My biggest achievements professionally is being able to run front office operations in absence of my supervisor for a period of 1 year. I also managed to handle a successful counseling session with a fellow youth who had been rejected by family and society for being who he was. I am a fast learner, honest, patient and easy going. I love watching movies, writing poems,articles, cooking and early morning beach walks.

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