The way celebrities, companies, and public officials get verified is through their PR agents, who are part of the Facebook Media Partners program. This is what we have access to and what we provide to our clients. So far, we have verified dozens of accounts on Facebook and Instagram without failure. However, if you thought that you can simply buy Instagram verification, it isn’t the case. There are requirements to be met before we can submit the verification request.


You will need to submit the information for these requirements in the notes section, during checkout. You may prepare it in Google Docs and simply paste the URL (make sure it’s publicly accessible via the link).

Please note that failure to submit this information, or asking us to Google your name / your company, will cause your request to be ignored.

Things we need:

  • Link to your Instagram page
  • Link to the connected Facebook fanpage (required for Instagram)
  • Links to other related social media accounts
  • Your Website
  • Wikipedia page (greatly increases the chances to get verified)
  • Media Coverage – minimum 10 articles (Featured articles only. A few articles must be from Tier-1 publications such as Forbes or Entrepreneur. Press releases, lists, mentions, or quotes are not accepted). If you do not have the sufficient number of featured articles, please check our Media & PR Offers.
  • For a person: A government-issued photo ID
  • For a company: A document with an official seal/watermark of your organization (e.g. phone or utility bill, articles of incorporation, etc.)
  • A few changes on your account may be required (e.g. a professional bio)


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