The Five Best Tequilas

    Although all tequilas come from the blue agave plant, there are no two similar brands. They differ in terms of potency, aroma, color, and flavor. Thanks to the diverse methods of fermentation, aging, and distillation used by each distiller.

    While they all promise to have the best flavor, aroma, and potency, some will let you down. For that reason, if you are looking to sample the best-tasting tequilas or you want to make a good cocktail, don’t choose randomly.

    Here is a list of some favorite brands to try out. They have an excellent flavor and aroma. Since they contain 100% blue agave, the tequilas will not leave you with that nasty hangover associated with cheap brands. 

    5 Must Taste Tequilas to Try Out

    1.    Roca Patron Reposado

    The Roca Patron Reposado is a brand from the Patron Spirits, a state-of-the-art distillery with one mission—making the world’s best tequila. It uses the time-honored tahona process to make tequila with the most natural aroma, flavor, and potency.

    This tequila boasts 40% alcohol content and sophisticated flavor with subtle nuances of fresh fruits, butter, ginger, brown sugar, caramel, and mushroom. Its sweet aroma of vanilla, citrus, oak and baked agave will leave you in high spirits while enjoying your glass. 

    Made from 100% agave, this tequila will not leave you nursing hangovers the next day. It is an excellent base for cocktails or sipping. Serve it in a glass with a wide brim to appreciate the drink’s aroma. 

    2.    Casamigos Blanco

    The Casamigos Blanco tequila is a product of Diageo Mexico, the manufacturer of renowned alcoholic brands like Guinness, John Walker, Baileys, Smirnoff, and Captain Morgan. So, like these top alcoholic brands, Casamigos Blanco won’t let your taste buds down.

    Diageo Mexico makes this tequila from 100% agave sourced from Jalisco. The agave is roasted for 72 hours and fermented for 80 hours. It is then rested for two months and distilled to give crystal clear tequila. 

    The tequila has a sweet aroma of citrus, peppercorn, and chili. It has an oily and sweet taste, evolving to papaya, banana, and vanilla flavors as you keep sipping. It will leave an aftertaste of peppery agave and medicinal vanilla. 

    Casamigos Blanco tastes better when mixed with grapefruit, fruit, or lime soda. You can also use it to make cocktails like beer, margarita, and blood Maria. Avoid adding ice into the spirit if you dislike diluted tequilas. 

    3.    Codigo 1530 Rosa Tequila

    This ultra-premium Rosa tequila is made by a local distillery, using the tahona method passed down through generations. The distillery uses three times the amount of agave used in ordinary tequilas. That’s why its aroma and flavor stand out.

    The agave is autoclaved under low pressure, fermented in stainless steel tanks, and then left to mature in French oak barrels. The result is Codigo 1530 Rosa tequila with a pink hue and an aroma of flower bouquets, freshly-cut grass, and tropical fruits. 

    This tequila has a rich flavor of cooked agave, honey, toasted oak, black pepper, citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, and cherry blossom. You can use it with fresh grape juice, soda, or lime juice. You can as well use it to make a cocktail. 

    4.    Santo Puro Mezquila

    The Santo Puro Mezquila is a hybrid of tequila and mezcal. It is a creation of three tequila aficionados—Sammy Hagar, a respected tequila maker, and Juan Eduardo, a master distiller. Guy Fieri, a seasoned chef, helped approve the tequila’s taste.

    The Mezquila’s distillation process starts with resting Blanco in American oak barrels for at least four months. During the four-month stay in the oak barrels, the Mesquila acquires an intense agave aroma ad flavors associated with this brand.

    The hybrid spirit has light smokiness, slight saltiness, low floral fruitiness, and a hint of herbs. It is perfect for making Margaritas and other cocktails. 

    5.    Fortaleza Blanco Tequila

    Blanco tequila is a brainchild of Fortaleza, a distillery founded by Guillermo Erickson Sauza. The founder was born in a family lineage that had operated a family distillery since 1873. Guillermo used his brewing masterly to make this much-loved brand.

    The distillation process starts with steaming blue agave for 36 hours. Afterward, a volcanic stone crushes the cooked agave, which is then fermented in open-air wood tanks. After the process, Fortaleza double distills and bottles the tequila.

    Fortaleza Blanco tequila has aromas of cooked agave, citrus, earth, olive, black pepper, and butter. Its flavor is a complex mix of butter, alcohol, cinnamon, agave, basil, citrus, vanilla, and lime notes. You can take it plain or mix it with Margarita.

    Take Away—What Are the Best Tequilas

    Tequilas are never created equal. Some are light ad flavorful, while others are less palatable. So, if you are looking to explore some of the best-tasting brands, or you want some to make a cocktail, don’t choose random brands. You could end up disappointed. This post has scrutinized top brands made from 100% agave sourced from the Jalisco region. The picks are smooth, flavorful, and great for cocktails.

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