Tips and Tricks on How a Law Firm can Use SEO

    SEO is essential for businesses primed to grow in the digital world. It helps rank your content on the first search results of Google, Bing, and other search engines. Without it, clients would not locate your law firm online. 

    Nonetheless, ranking on the first page is never easy. Every legal firm follows the basic SEO practices like optimizing content with keywords. That means you will hardly outrank sites doing well if your SEO skills are average. 

    Although challenging, outdoing the competitors is not impossible. You just need to focus on implementing the Law firms SEO practices ignored by many experts. If you are unsure how you would do that, the following SEO secrets will help. 

     5 Secrets to help Law Firms Beat Competitors in the SEO Game

    1.    Get your keywords right

    Keywords are the primary pillar in SEO. They help search engine crawlers know what your content is all about. Afterward, the crawlers will compare your content with similar content from rivals and rank it accordingly. 

    If you don’t wish to blunder at this point, avoid highly competitive keywords. Instead, go for less competitive ones since they are super-easy to rank. You can use various online keyword tools to find suitable short and long-tail phrases for your content.  

    Besides the less competitive keywords, optimize your content with keyword phrases that a customer would type into the search bar when looking for some legal information. Such keyword phrases will help you write content that resonates with user intentions. 

    2.    Serve the best possible content

    Everyone knows that content is king in the SEO game. That’s why you will hardly find an uncovered legal topic. Law firms have been using the content to rank high, develop strong relationships with clients, and convert prospective customers. 

    Though every topic is already covered, the web is short of high-quality pieces. Many legal firms produce thin content stuffed with keywords as a way to rank on search engines. Very few create the high-quality content that search engines love. 

    For that reason, if you want to outwit competitors, focus on writing high-quality authority content. Make sure that every piece of content on your site gives users the exact information they would be searching for.

    With good content, you will have several ranking factors in your favor—increased user engagement, high traffic, excellent topic authority, and high trustworthiness. Google’s algorithms will rank it on top of the thin content from competitor law firms. 

    3.    Make your website easy to navigate

    An easy-to-navigate website will not just give your clients an easy time. But, it will also give you an SEO edge against competitors. How? The website will keep visitors scrolling in search of information. 

    That excellent engagement rate will serve as a good ranking signal to search engine crawlers. They will move your site to a higher slot on search results. To make your site more user-friendly, start by making the navigation menu simple. 

    It should let users move from page to page smoothly. From it, your site’s visitors should locate your contact information, links to your social media accounts, and a catalog of the services you offer. 

    Since most people use mobile phones to browse, make sure everything on your site can be accessed through mobile gadgets. Use Google’s mobile-friendly tool to test if users can smoothly navigate your site using smartphones or tablets.

    4.    Update your content and publish new content regularly

    The quest to optimize your attorney’s site will not end after creating a few pieces of content and publishing them on your user-friendly website. But, you will have to keep posting new authority content regularly, alongside updating old content routinely.

    That way, your site’s ranking will keep growing consistently. The regular updates will also help maintain your good authority and ranking. New entrants will not outrank your firm’s site simply because your content is outdated. 

    To know how your site is doing over time, make Google Analytics your best friend. This analytic tool will help monitor your site’s day-to-day performance. 

    5.    Leverage the power of link building

    Link building is the art of getting other websites to link back to content on your website. In return, Google’s algorithms will understand that your site has valuable, authoritative, and reliable content. They will rank it above that of competitors. 

    To get healthy links, focus on generating more authoritative content. The content will naturally give other attorneys a reason to link to your company’s website. Additionally, you can do guest posting or request colleagues to link their content to that on your website. Avoid black hat links at all costs. 

    Take Away

    All law firms actively use SEO to achieve supremacy in the digital space. So, if you have just started a new firm, or your SEO has never yielded fruits, you will need to change your game to beat competitors. 

    Use less-competitive keywords to make authoritative content, and get other sites to link to your articles. You should also make your website more user-friendly and update your content regularly. With these SEO secrets, your site will take a slot on Google’s top search results. 

    Herman Kariuki
    Herman Kariuki
    Herman Kariuki is a digital marketer and proprietor at MyBusinessweekly and Khermani, covering Legal, Business, and Entrepreneurship Topics. Herman Kariuki is a Serial Entrepreneur who has worked in multiple fields in Writing, Legal, Media $ Content Advisor. He also serves as a PR specialist and business consultant who excels in the art of leveraging press for a brand with social media campaigns & digital marketing strategies like the Electronic Press Kits. Herman is an avid traveler and an enthusiastic designer who puts your thoughts into art.

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