Top 5 Destinations in Kenya, 2022

    Kenya is best known as a top destination for safaris. However, besides safari, this country has more to offer. It is blessed with pristine beaches, vast game reserves, iconic landscapes, freshwater lakes, world heritages, and more.

    No wonder anyone visiting for the first time will find it hard narrowing down to the best. So, if you are planning for a vacation, and you are hoping for a first-rate experience, do not choose destinations blindly.

    Instead, go for those destinations in Kenya that are vetted and recommended by seasoned tour experts. If you are finding it hard to make your list, here are five must-visit-places to try out. They’ll leave you with an unforgettable experience.

    The Must-visit Destinations in Kenya

    1.    Experience a wildlife tour in Maasai Mara

    Branded as the world’s eighth wonder, the Maasai Mara should top your list of must-visit-destinations in Kenya. It is the home of the big family wildlife—lions, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, and rhinos.

    Besides the big five, you will see cheetahs, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, and almost all the wildlife animals you could imagine. Actually, Maasai Mara is the reason why visitors regard Kenya as a top safari destination.

    If your trip falls from late July to August, you would be lucky to experience the great wildebeest migration. During this event, millions of wildebeests, zebras, impalas, and gazelles move from Kenya to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park in search of pasture and water.

    You can also catch this rare event in late October to early November when the wild animals return home.

    2.    Enjoy a coast vacation at the Lamu archipelago

    If you are into coastal vacations, Lamu Island, a UNESCO heritage, will leave you with a premium vacationing experience. The archipelago is great for those who wish to escape from the grind of daily life.

    Instead of high-rising modern apartments, buildings with an ancient Swahili architecture will welcome you to the island. What’s more? Residents use donkeys for land transport and dhows for water transport. The experience will connect you to the past.

    Lamu’s golden sandy beaches are usually not crowded. They create the ambiance you need to enjoy strolling at the shores while admiring the blue waters. It is a great spot for couples and family who dislike distraction. Apart from beach strolling, you can do diving, kiting, and windsurfing.

    Suppose you wouldn’t mind learning some history, head to Lamu Waterfront, Riyadh mosque, Lamu fort, Lamu donkey sanctuary, or the Fort of Shela. At these historical sites, you will find experts who will explain everything regarding the island’s art, politics, trade, literature, and architecture.

    3.    See flamingoes in Lake Nakuru

    Lake Nakuru national park is well-known for its pink-colored flamingos. At this destination you will spot thousands foraging on algae, fly larva, and other tiny crustaceans living in the lake’s turquoise waters. The birds are in plenty in January and February.

    If you miss the flamingoes, join a game drive to enjoy the sights of wild animals habiting in this national park. You will spot buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, baboons, African wild dogs, black & white rhinos, waterbucks, lions, warthogs, and several bird species.

    When night hits, do not go to your hotel. Find a campsite in the national park and spend your night in the jungle. You will enjoy night views of vegetation, and if you are lucky, you will spot roaming wild animals up close.

    4.    Enjoy the sun and beach in Mombasa

    When it comes to beaching, Mombasa takes a top slot since it is located along the coastline. Here you can enjoy strolling along the sandy beaches as you admire the beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

    You can also do sunbathing, swimming, fishing, boating, dolphin spotting, kiting, windsurfing, and many more water activities. You will hardly miss something to keep you happy and busy during the vacation. Thanks to the beach resorts in this town. They will help you get the best beaching experience.

    In addition to the sandy beaches, you can tour world heritages like Fort Jesus, 16th century fort, or explore the centuries-old buildings at Mombasa old town. Wind up the day by tasting some local cuisines and enjoying a night out in any of the busy joints.

    5.    Go Hike at Mt. Kenya

    Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second-highest mountain, is a premium spot for travelers who enjoy trekking, camping, sightseeing, and adventure. The 5199-meters tall mountain has jagged peaks, bamboo forests, waterfalls, alpine moorland, lakes, and glaciers waiting to be explored.

    On your way up, you could spot sunbirds, elephants, bushbucks, elands, tree hyrax, spiral horned bovines, and mole rats. At times, you could spot some rare species of animals like giant forest hogs and mountain bongos.

    Time to Tour the Top Destinations Kenya

    From pristine beaches and a favorable climate to magnificent natural landscapes, Kenya has everything needed to give you beautiful vacationing memories. Visit The Mara to glimpse the big five, witness the great wildebeest migration, and see several wild animals up close.

    If you love beach vacations, go to Lamu or Mombasa. At these coastal destinations, you will enjoy beaching, sunbathing, photography, diving, and many more water activities. Finish your vacation by visiting Mt. Kenya to enjoy views of pristine lakes, peaks, forests, waterfalls, and glaciers.

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