5 Ways to Get over Your Toxic and Demonic Ex

    Getting over a toxic and demonic ex will save you from abuse and mental breakdown. Then again, you will have to battle nasty experiences like extreme sadness, anxiety, loneliness, desperation, and depression for the first few months.

    Supposing the horrid feelings are taking a toll on you, do not panic. You can still get over that wicked ex quickly, and begin enjoying a life free of mistreatment. Here are sober tips to walk you through the rough path.

    Follow them conscientiously, and we promise you will get over that toxic relationship smoothly.

    5 Tips to Get over Your Toxic and Demonic Ex

    1.    Accept it is over, and let emotions flow

    Accepting that a relationship is truly terminated is the most significant step towards getting over your toxic and demonic ex. Acknowledge that the ex was toxic and dangerous to your emotional well-being.

    Also, you’d want to convince yourself that breaking up was the best thing for you. Accepting that your decision is final and good will clear your mind, and make you really ready to face the challenges of quitting.

    The feeling will often feel super painful and upsetting. When that happens, don’t bottle up your emotions. That move will hurt more or even prolong the time you would take to heal. For that reason, let every emotion flow naturally.

    For instance, do not hold the tears if you feel like crying. Cry and scream. Just do it in private or around people who genuinely care about the situation. That way, you’ll release all the negative energy within you.

    2.    Cut all ties with that wicked ex

    Cutting off that toxic ex from your life will be a tough decision. This is a person you used to communicate with daily, share good memories, and hang out together. Naturally, you will want to know how they are faring without you.

    No matter how justified that looks, keeping in touch will pave the way for extra heartbreak. The toxic ex will get a chance to keep frustrating, hurting, and manipulating your emotions. After all, that’s what they do best.

    For this reason, if you value your peace of mind, cut off the ex from your life. If they stay around, move to a new place where they cannot trace you. Block them from calling, texting, or reaching out on social media.

    Without contact, you will be safe from the tantrums that your ex would use to hurt you more. You’ll forget them quickly.

    3.    Surround yourself with positive people

    A breakup will leave you lonely. This is because you had someone who checked and hung out with you. If you let loneliness reign, you’ll spend hours thinking and missing the good times you spent with the ex.

    To combat loneliness, surround yourself with positive people. They could be friends, colleagues, or family. With such people within reach, you will have people to hang out with or talk to whenever you feel like it.

    When negative emotions crush you, talk out your issues with a trusted peer in your circle. Experts claim that talking releases pent-up energy that could push you to desperation, depression, and extreme sadness.

    4.    Rediscover yourself

    A toxic relationship will substitute your good values with bad attributes with low self-worth, insecurity, and anxiety. The toxicity will also leave you with extreme negativity, depression, and paranoia.

    With such changes, you will lose your true self. That’s why you will always find it hard to move from a toxic relationship to a life that offers peace of mind. The negativity will make you think that you don’t deserve a good life.

    So, if you wish to move on, focus on rediscovering yourself. Evaluate your true self, personality, core values, and passion. Identify the weak areas that you need to work on.

    5.    Focus on self-growth

    After evaluating your life, work on your attitudes, behaviors, and other life skills. Self-growth will help refine the good values lost in toxic relationships and shed the bad habits acquired during the relationship.

    There are a couple of ways to develop yourself. You can start by reading self-help books, videos, blogs, and magazines. There are hundreds of resources that would help improve the skills you want.

    Besides self-help books, you can get a life coach to help you fix your weaknesses. This move is an ideal option if you are yet to figure out the areas you need to adjust, or you want a professional to bring out a better version of yourself.

    Time to Get Over That Toxic and Demonic Ex

    Getting over a toxic and demonic ex is a wise move. It will save you from depression, sadness, fear, manipulation, and desperation. Nevertheless, moving on will need sobriety and skill. Otherwise, you will remain missing your ex.

    To avoid feeling stuck, convince yourself that you have taken the right step, and let those sad emotions flow rather than holding them. Cut communication with the ex, and surround yourself with positive people to kill loneliness.

    When your emotions settle, focus on rediscovering and building yourself. With these simple tips, you will permanently get over that toxic ex and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

    Dennis Omanga
    Dennis Omanga
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