If you are looking for coverage on authority press, this is it: nothing beats Tier-1 media outlets. We’ve been doing organic pitching for years now and have developed a solid relationship with a number of editors and contributors at The Economic Times. We can state with certainty that, with the right angle, nearly every company or individual can get published on authority media. We are here to give you every opportunity to achieve this.
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Account Verifications
Getting featured coverage on The Economic Times will significantly increase your chances of being verified on Instagram.

Wikipedia Page Creation
A featured article on this media outlet will help pass the Wikipedia notability guideline, which is essential for page creation.

Brand Authority
The Economic Times features the world’s largest and most successful businesses. Being among them ensures your authority.

Upon placing your request we will notify you of the availability and pricing of the selected media outlet(s). If the terms and the price of the offer are agreeable to you, we will proceed with a 50% deposit. Once the payment is received, our team will begin the preparation of the draft. We cannot guarantee that the exact copy of the draft will get published. It may be modified by the editor or the editorial board in the process.

Should the publication be unsuccessful for any reason, we will refund your payment in full. Once an article is published and live, no refunds can be made. The client is obligated to pay any outstanding fees upon successful publication.

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