My American Therapist Should Have Listened 2; a Pisces Go Wayyy Deep Entertainment

     International release:

    Acclaimed independent international film director and executive producer Adonis “Van”J Releases new erotic psychological thriller entitled, “My American Therapist Should Have Listened 2!” 

    Starring international upcoming actress from Argentina Maria Eugenia!  My American Therapist Should have Listened 2 follows Maria as she’s released from the mental hospital despite warnings not to! Maria kidnaps her therapist and drugs him! Her therapist is from America and assumed he could seduce her because foreign women are easier to get! 

    Adonis “Van”J is well known for his lyrical and thought-provoking films that explore the human psyche to its fullest potential! Despite a modest budget of $9,000 American dollars to film edit and produce this film, his films have received critical acclaim internationally, for their authenticity, and character-driven storytelling!

    My American therapist should have listened 2 was filmed live on location down in Argentina South America! The movie features an erotic view of what happens when an American therapist actually tries to use foreign women for personal pleasure! Maria Eugenia makes her break out role as the lead role as Maria! A trained model and dancer Maria Eugenia has years of experience in all forms of entertainment! Maria brings grace and style to this film!

    Adonis “Van”J says of this film “ I wanted to shine light of the issues of actual therapist using their passports to take advantage of foreign women! But above all the story is about resilience and really, laughable when you ASSUME all foreign women are Easy!

    About the Producer:

    The writer and the producer of this movie Mr. Adonis “Van” J is a renowned international independent filmmaker who has gained fame in the recent years as he has made several movies and is further working on projects in the same niche. His style of writing is highly distinctive because he is a Pisces and has naturally got deep connections and feelings with nature and creatures. Mr. Adonis “Van” J continues to make hit smashes on the international film level and also owns the production house, “Pisces go wayyy deep entertainment”.

    Being a Pisces, he has got innate talent of writing his distinctively astonishing stories from his imaginative world, and apart from this movie, he has also worked on other movies such as, “My therapist should have listened”, “Tales from inside the mind of a psychotic Pisces”, etc.

    My American therapist should have listened 2 is set for international release in September 2023 on Vimeo on demand and will be released in film festivals internationally in Paris and Indonesia at a later date. For further information, visit

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