WHERE IS AC3-2085 ? 


After being missing from social media for almost 3 weeks which would make a month after tour from Atlanta Ac3-2085, a Virginia Native makes his presence relevant that he is back home. However, this time he has not posted anything about his music or private as of late. We have noticed that the Wine And Class Artist made a simple post this weekend of him being spotted at the NASA research center in Hampton, VA. Prior to his recent post at NASA, he posted a meme about this chapter being a little bit “less accessible”. On Saturday he seemed to be upbeat and on a mission as usual. 

While on tour in September he posted a new release teaser of Lovely Love in other teasers. which seem to be new songs. Many are not sure if this is a remix or some shenanigans online when he promotes himself. We have not heard from him in the past few weeks and some fans wonder if has he been okay. Ac3-2085 is a producer from Virginia who also writes his own music and is known for his inspirational hype, presence, and original sense of style. Ac3-2085 is also recognized by some legendary artists from Virginia such as Timbaland, Gabe, and many more. 

We hope to hear good things in the near future.

Website : www.followac3music.com