5 of the Best Law Firms in New York

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Law firms in New York are never created equal. Some collaborate with highly skilled attorneys with superb communication skills and years of experience. They offer aggressive defense to ensure that you get the best outcome out of litigation.

Other legal firms are the complete opposite. They work with attorneys with fewer years of experience and subpar communication skills. The firms will over-promise and under-deliver. Hiring them would leave you disappointed.

That’s why choosing your law firm wisely matters when looking for one to represent you. So, if you have just got into a legal wrangle, and want to avoid the less-reputable firms, here are five legal firms with an attractive track record.

1. Davis Polk and Wardwell LLP

Davis Polk and Wardwell LLP is an industry leader in corporate law. It collaborates with over 1000 highly-skilled lawyers in ten offices around the world. The firm specializes in all law issues affecting corporate and financial institutions.

The firm deals with executive compensation, capital markets, restructuring, real estate, and cybercrime. Also, this best law firm in New York deals with investment management, mergers & acquisitions, and civil litigations.

Though headquartered in New York, Davis Polk serves other areas like Europe, Asia, China, and the UK.

Throughout the period that it has operated, Davis Polk has amassed several accolades for its first-rate services. For instance, in 2020, FinanceAsia named Davis Polk the world’s best law firm. In 2021, this firm won four accolades at the China Law & Practice Awards.

2. Sullivan and Cromwell LLP

Sullivan and Cromwell LLP cooperates with a team of lawyers who work as a single partnership. Unlike law firms that serve specific industries, Sullivan and Cromwell LLP is a generalist.

It serves corporates operating in the world’s finance, healthcare, natural resources, and data privacy. Sullivan and Cromwell LLP also serves the corporates operating in digital assets, sports, entertainment, technology, and private equity spheres.

It serves clients in Africa, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Canada, and Asia.

Like many top-rated law firms in New York, Sullivan and Cromwell LLP has several accolades to prove its first-rate services. In 2022, the firm received Law360’s rising star recognition, Latin Lawyer’s Deal of the year award, and Australasian Law Awards’ equity market deal of the year.

3. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz

Founded in 1965, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz is well-known for handling complex issues associated with corporate law. Thanks to the skilled pool of lawyers with years of hands-on experience in business law.

This best law firm in New York can handle mergers &acquisitions, sensitive investigations, shareholder activism, corporate governance, and strategic investments. The firm’s lawyers can also handle executive compensation and split-ups.

The law firm is recognized among the world’s ten firms that handle the largest acquisition, capital-raising, and restructuring transactions globally.

Outside the practice, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz has been on the frontline of revolutionizing the US’ corporate law. It has structured the cross-border transaction and instigated the shareholder rights plan, among many other transformations.

4. Fischetti & Malgieri LLP  

When it comes to criminal law, Fischetti and Malgieri LLP stand among the best law firms in New York. It runs under the management of Ron Fischetti, a criminal lawyer with over 4 decades of experience.

Fischetti teams up with Phyllis Malgieri and Monica Nejathaim. These defenders have an unsurpassed knowledge on matters regarding federal criminal law. They promise to give individualized help to every unique client.

Fischetti & Malgieri LLP has defended thousands of clients, including restaurateur Elaine Kaufman against assault charges and Dana Giachetto for securities fraud.

Moreover, this firm has represented notable public figures like singer Courtney Love, Councilman Angel Rodriguez, accountant Dennis Gaito, Senator Albert Carmichael, and Congressman Robert Garcia.

5. The Mandel Law Firm

The Mendel Law firm runs under the leadership of Steve Mendel, a counsel that has operated in the family law sphere since 1980. He works with seasoned attorneys

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