10 Unique Minimalist Indoor Plants to Add to Your Living Room ASAP

    Choosing unique minimalist indoor plants is an uphill task. Reason? There are plenty of plants, and each has unique characteristics. So, if you lack a particular species in mind, we bet you will find it hard to narrow down to the best.

    To save you from the headache, this post has suggested some of the best plants worth keeping. They are uniquely beautiful and easy to maintain. Read along to choose one that would look great in your living room.  

    Unique Minimalist Indoor Plants for Living Room: Overview

    1. ZZ Plant

    Doubtlessly the ZZ plant is one of the best minimalist plants you’d want to keep. It features small waxy leaves growing on a thin stem that can grow up to 3-feet. Many homeowners love the plant’s shiny leaves, which reflect light to make your space brighter. The leaves’ dark green hue looks great in living rooms with plenty of natural light. What’s more? The ZZ plant is easy to manage. It needs little water, and it sheds few leaves occasionally.

    2. Ficus Alii

    The Ficus alii features a single trunk with a couple of small branches covered in long, narrow leaves to give it a striking appearance. It survives well in low light intensity and water supply. It will shed fewer leaves ad maintain its green hue even when exposed to stressful indoor conditions. You should refrain from keeping this potted plant if you have unsupervised kids and pets. Its sap contains poisonous latex.

    3. Echeveria

    The Echeveria plant boasts succulent leaves arranged in an eye-catching rose flower-like shape. Depending on the species, the Echeveria plant can have shiny or dusty leaves with a shed of purple. It can grow to a diameter of 30cms. Since they need more sunlight, these plants will do well in balconies, conservatories, and other rooms that receive more daily sunlight. They can go a month without watering and still maintain total health.

    4. Calathea Ornata

    The Calathea Ornata plant features large, broad, oval green leaves. Its leaves have pink stripes and violet undersides, giving them a striking appearance. Calathea Ornata can grow to 2-feet tall and wide, a reason why homeowners count it among the best minimalist plants. Caring for this plant is super easy, you will need to water it occasionally and remove yellowed leaves. Since they grow slowly, they will not spread out to clutter your space.

    5. Bird of paradise

    This plant has bluish, green, or glossy paddle-shaped leaves. The leaves might have a red midrib that gives the plant a unique decorative character. When mature, the bird of paradise will produce orange leaf and blue canoe-shaped bract. The flowers look like a bird, a reason why people call it a bird of paradise. Though wild ones can be super tall, those grown indoors will hardly exceed 6 feet, a reason why they are suitable for your minimalist living room.

    6. Sansevieria trifasciata

    Sansevieria trifasciata stands out for its sword-shaped leaves with white or grayish decorative strips. The stripes run horizontally along the leaves to give the plant a striking appearance. You’d think it is an artificial ornamental plant. This unique minimalist indoor plant does not shed leaves, requires occasional pruning, and needs little water to survive. It is excellent for people with tight schedules.

    7. Burgundy rubber tree

    The burgundy rubber tree has large, shiny leaves with pink or purple highlights. In the wild, this plant grows up to 100 feet. However, the indoor species can only grow to 10 feet. You’ll need to prune tame its height by pruning it regularly. It has excellent resistance to pests, needs little light, and does well with little water. It will require little effort to maintain.

    8. Pothos

    This evergreen plant has green, heart-shaped leaves with a flush of yellow. The trailing stem can go for as long as 40 feet in the wild. However, indoors, the plant can only go up to 10 feet. It is best grown on shelves, desks, or in hanging baskets. However, you can be creative enough and find a way to support it against a wall. It tolerates low light and infrequent watering. Maintaining it will not stress you.

    9. Bantel’s sensation

    Bantel’s sensation features narrow, sword-like leaves with white vertical stripes. During summer, this plant can bloom with greenish-white flowers to make your interior livelier. Maintaining this plant is super easy. It is naturally resistant to drought, sheds no leaves, and requires infrequent pruning. Bantel’s sensation can grow to 3 feet high and spread to 2 feet wide. It is worth noting that Bantel’s sensation is poisonous to dogs and cats.

    10. Euphorbia ammak

    The euphoria ammak is a columnar succulent tree with a short trunk, upright branches, and some leaves at the end of the branches. Since it looks exactly like a desert cactus, Euphorbia ammak will give your room or office a charming desert vibe. This potted plant can grow tall and wider than an average minimalist plant. But that shouldn’t worry you since you can prune it to size. It does not shade, and it needs minimal watering.

    The Bottom Line

    Choosing unique minimalist indoor plants shouldn’t be an issue. You just need to look around for one with a striking appearance to complement your indoor cosmetics. Besides, the indoor plant you choose should withstand the stress from low light, infrequent watering, and temperature variations.

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